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Brief Introduction of Piston Ring
History: 64 years
1943 Internal combustion engine experts set up factory named Perfect Circle Piston Ring
1948 Technology changed from single casting craft to barrel-type casting craft
1956 Establishment Perfect Cricle Engine Fittings Plant(jount state-private)
1960 Perfect Cricle Engine Fittings Plant affiliated to state own factory
1969 Establishment of chromed piston ring production line
1971 Establishment of steel piston ring production line
1979 Imported key equipment and instrument from Japan, Britain and Germany
1986-1990 More than 50 engineers and technicians were sent to GOETZ company to trading and learing
1988 Establishment of special piston ring production line
1987 Establishment of the first piston ring institute
2002 Develop penetrating ceramic surface treatment of piston ring
Use Nano-technology to CVD ceramic piston ring 
2009 Technology improvment
Annual prodction capacity Dia ¢140-¢800  2.5 million pieces  
Dia ≤¢140   3 million pieces
Application Diesel generators
Railway locomotive
Oil drilling machine
Air compressor
Hammers and other construction machinery
Hydraulic seal ring
Honor Won the state highest reward the state Silver medal
Got the award of China internal Combustion Engine Industry Centry Achievement
Got the award of Hunan famous Brands
The No.1 big piston ring manufactuer in China
China market share ¢140-¢800 80% 

Comparison (dia.¢140-¢800)
Germany material technology Not available
American CKS plating production line Not available
Automatic phosphating line  
Instrument Germany imported direct reading spectrometer  
Germany imported piston ring profile measuring instrument Not available
Germany imports piston ring high measuring instrument  
German imports of ion chromatography Not available
Germany imported piston ring pressure distribution measuring instrument        Not available
Germany imported piston ring tangential elastic instrument  
US imports of carbon and sulfur analyzer