Dust carbon ash particle collector




filter area:7.4 m2

Cleaning method:pulse

Quantities can be customized


Piston Ring
Timing Kit
Cylinder Liner
Marine piston ring
Cylinder Head
Dpf Cleaning Machine

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Operation instruction
1. Activate the power and turn on the dust removal fan;
2. Select DPF positioning purging, perform repeated purging on both sides, while choosing shot and free purging for SCR, TWC and special-shaped workpieces;
3. Prior to automatic purging, ensure that the governor is in position 0 and slowly adjust the speed control knob during speed regulation;
4. Utilize the radius rotation purging mode for automatic purging, open the gas manual valve switch at the beginning and close it at the end;
5. Securely hold the bubble flushing tube when using gun flushing to prevent swinging, with a recommended air source pressure of 4KPa to avoid excessive air flow harming the carrier;
6. After completion of operations, use pulse backblow switch for filtering and blowing based on dust removal rate; regularly clean dust collection drawer and treat with 800 degrees high temperature oxidation of ash to avoid secondary pollution;
7. It is recommended to conduct all dust removal and blowing operations within the collector to prevent spread of dust particles and environmental pollution.
Note: The collector adopts automatic rotary purging, blast purging, and manual purging; different methods can be selected as per requirement.

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