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Product function
Before and after DPF regeneration and cleaning, it is essential to conduct integrity and blockage checks on the DPF carrier, as well as initiate quality assessment and data reporting, all of which are user-friendly.

Product characteristics
1. Light transmission detection: Assess the degree of DPF plugging, detect any damage or defects in the DPF/SCR system.
2. Weighing detection: Utilizing pre-cleaning model data to accurately calculate the amount of particulate matter removed by the DPF with an accuracy error margin of 1 gram.
3. Probe inspection: Judging the depth of DPF plugging and cleaning through probe testing.
4. Pressure flow test: Effectively compare blockage levels and clearance intuitively through pressure flow testing.

Operation instruction
1. Test before and after regeneration, record the data, analyze and compare the data, and check the appearance before judging the regeneration quality test to see whether the carrier surface is melting, cracking and burning through;
2, DPF gas permeability test normal value of 0.3-0.5Kpa,
3. The focus of light detection is to see whether the DPF carrier is transparent. The white light penetration proves that the carrier is burned through, broken and damaged, and the filtration efficiency is low, and the efficacy of DPF is lost.
4, the probe detection adopts multi-point detection, it is recommended to test more than 10 points, according to the detection to determine the blockage and whether the internal melting ablation phenomenon;
5, weighing detection is the comparison of ash data before and after regeneration, do a good job of recording the comparison data before and after, and the down key is the data zero key;
6, avoid high temperature use, damage to wind voltage appliances

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