Dpf Cleaning Machine

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Dpf Cleaning Machine

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Product introduction:
For DPF/SCR with severe blockage, the high-temperature oxidation regeneration process is carried out using an advanced high-temperature regeneration furnace in combination with pneumatic DPF/SCR purifier to eliminate residual ash powder and regenerate DPF/SCR. The intelligent automatic temperature rise and cooling curve control system of the DPF/SCR high-temperature regeneration furnace ensures that the DPF/SCR is in its optimal state for regeneration. By injecting a precise amount of air, carbon particles blocked in the DPF/SCR are completely oxidized, thereby enhancing the original performance of the DPF/SCR while promoting environmental protection and cleanliness.
1. Super capacity: capable of accommodating 4~8 DPFs or 20 TWCs simultaneously, thus improving work efficiency;
2. Intelligent temperature control: five-surface heating and multi-stage temperature control curve with an accuracy level of ±1°;
3. Adjustable atmosphere: oxygen volume adjustment control to reduce VOC generation and ensure optimal regeneration state;
4. Intelligent management: system upgrade and expansion, problem tracing, modular networking for unattended operation;
5. Practical scope: suitable for DPF/GFP regeneration, SCR dredging, DOC/TWC reverse reaction;
6. Easy operation: user-friendly interface design allows for easy handling during diesel/gasoline reprocessing reverse reactions.


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