Material:Copper Based, Aluminum Based, Babbitt

Application:Excavator, Bulldozer, Loader, Marine, Paving compactor, Cold milling machine, Scraper, Truck, Generator

Customization:Accept, Sample or Drawing (Dia.38mm- 500mm)

Quantities can be customized


Piston Ring
Timing Kit
Cylinder Liner
Marine piston ring
Cylinder Head
Dpf Cleaning Machine

Overview Specification / Application Package Inquiry

Model 4D30 4D31-T 4D32 4D33  4D34 4D34-T 6D31 6D31-T 6D34 6D10 6D11 6D146D15 6D16 6D16-T 6D17 6M6 6M6-T 6D20 6D20-T,6D21 6D22-T 6D22  6D23 6D24 6M7 T1-T5 6DB1 6DB1-T 6DB10 8DC2/20 ,8DC4/40,8DC6/60,8DC7/70,8DC8/80,8DC61,8DC81 8DC9 /90  8DC10 8DC11 8M20/21 S4K-T  S4K S6K S6K-T S2E. S3E. S4E  S6E 4D55,4D56 4D55-T 4D56-T
Material CuPb24Sn,CuPb10Sn10,SnSb8Cu3 (Babbitt),G-95,G-492
Size STD/0.25/0.50/0.75/0.10/0.20/0.50/0.30
Customization Accept, Sample or Drawing (Dia.38mm- 500mm)
Design Design new bearing as engine
Ternary plating, Spraying, Self-lubricating coating
Sample Accept
ISO ISO9000/TS16949

Contact: Lucy Hu

Whatsapp: +8615308490679



Normally we use neutral product and packing, if you have your own brand, we can provide customize the packing and product.


Part Name Model Part.No Pcs/Set
main bearing 4D30  
4D31-T 4D32
MEO11530 10
con rod bearing MEO12227 8
thrust washer ME013564 3
thrust washer ME013644 3
camshaft bushing ME029225 3
camshaft bushing ME029225 3
pistion pin bushing ME012234 4
pistion pin bushing ME012257 4
main bearing 4D33  4D34            4D34-T ME999384 10
con rod bearing ME997261 8
camshaft bushing ME013116(NO.1) 3
pistion pin bushing ME013075 4
main bearing 6D31 6D31-T
ME999711 14
con rod bearing ME999726 12
con rod bearing ME995170-4 12
thrust washer ME020328 3
camshaft bushing ME029225 4
pistion pin bushing ME012257 6
thrust washer ME013644 3
main bearing 6D10 6D11 6D146D15 6D16 ME999199 14
con rod bearing ME032518 12
thrust washer ME031059 3
thrust washer ME071163 3
camshaft bushing ME031042 4
camshaft bushing ME071141 4
pistion pin bushing ME033943 6
pistion pin bushing ME072126 6
pistion pin bushing ME072128 6
main bearing 6D16-T 6D17 6M6 6M6-T ME995344-8 14
con rod bearing ME032518 12
con rod bearing R6325K 12
thrust washer ME130226 4
pistion pin bushing ME072126 6
pistion pin bushing ME072128 6
main bearing 6D20 6D20-T,6D21 6D22-T 6D22  6D23 ME052053 14
con rod bearing ME052488 12
con rod bearing 39019-02100 12
thrust washer 31109-07109 3
thrust washer 31209-78101 3
camshaft bushing ME051185 7
camshaft bushing ME051187 5
pistion pin bushing ME052159 6
main bearing 6D24   6M7
ME350864-8 14
con rod bearing ME181365 12
thrust washer 31209-78101 3
main bearing 6DB1 6DB1-T 6DB10 30009-39004 14
con rod bearing 30019-1202 12
thrust washer 30009-18104 4
camshaft bushing 30007-33100 4
pistion pin bushing 30019-20601 6
main bearing 8DC2/20 ,8DC4/40,8DC6/60,8DC7/70,8DC8/80,8DC61,8DC81

8DC9 /90  8DC10 8DC11
31209-70020 10
con rod bearing 31219-51000 16
con rod bearing 31219-71010 16
con rod bearing 31219-32010 16
thrust washer 31109-07109 3
thrust washer 31209-78101 3
thrust washer 31209-33100 3
camshaft bushing 31207-13100 5
camshaft bushing 31207-73100 5
pistion pin bushing 31219-05501 16
pistion pin bushing 31219-02200 8
pistion pin bushing 31219-70600 8
pistion pin bushing ME062310 8
main bearing 8M20/21 ME997681-5 10
con rod bearing ME093763-9 16
thrust washer ME160013 3
camshaft bushing ME092006 5
main bearing S4K-T  S4K
34309-09050 2
con rod bearing 34219-00500 2
thrust washer 34309-00800 3
camshaft bushing 34307-12700 3
camshaft bushing   4
pistion pin bushing 34319-10500 4/6
main bearing S2E.  S3E.   
 S4E  S6E
34409-00100 2
con rod bearing 34419-02100 2
thrust washer 34409-08100 3
main bearing 4D55  ,4D56 
4D55-T 4D56-T
MD050360 10
con rod bearing MD026430 8
pistion pin bushing P113H 4

Forefront Technology of Engine Bearing

Advanced bearing coating: Polymer Nano Self-lubricating Coating

Bearing with the coating: Anti-fatigue performance & wear resistant

Coating Developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wildly Application: Engine Bearing, High pressure oil pump bearing, Piston, Internal combustion engine etc.


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