Piston Ring
Timing Kit
Seal ring
Marine piston ring
Timing chain cover
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Liner

Cylinder Liner

Production  process

•1)  Intermediate frequency induction melting
•2)  IF insulation electric furnace
•3)  Centrifugal casting machine
•4)  Precision CNC machine tools
•5)  Green CNC honing machine
•6)  Green CNC honing machine(front)
•7)  Table annealing furnace
•8)  High frequency quenching equipment

Inspection and testing

•1)Direct-reading spectrograph
•2)Length measuring machine
•3)Microcomputer control electron universal testing machines
•4)Brinell hardness tester and Rockwell hardness tester
•5)Metallographic microscope
•6)Taylor-hobson iL20 Profile and surface texture measurement system
•7)Taylor-hobson TR265 geometric tolerance measuring instrument